Jenkins erupts after LeBron Jackson collision as Lakers fight for win

Memphis Grizzlies head coach Tyler Jenkins sparked a riot when he stormed the court after LeBron James and Jaren Jackson clashed over a rebound during an NBA game.

As the game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Lakers reached the third quarter, Grizzlies head coach Tyler Jenkins stormed the court after LeBron James and Jaren Jackson Jr. battled for a rebound.

With less than six minutes left in the game and the score tied, James and Jackson fought for the same rebound, resulting in a scuffle on the court. LeBron appeared to try to break free of Jackson's arm and inadvertently hit the reigning Defensive Player of the Year in the face.

Jenkins, who witnessed the incident from in front of the Grizzlies bench, reacted angrily. He stormed the court, causing Taurian Prince to call a timeout and be whistled for a technical foul. The Grizzlies staff had to stop the impassioned coach.

Just prior to this incident, Jackson inadvertently hit LeBron in the face at the other end of the court. Although replay showed contact, LeBron was called for a turnover rather than a foul, allowing the Grizzlies to advance the ball.

The farce on the court came during a close game between two struggling teams. The Lakers were on a three-game losing streak, having lost nine of their last 12 games, and desperately needed a win to get back above 500 points.

LeBron James scored 14 points in the first quarter to lead the Lakers to what looked like a comfortable lead. However, the Grizzlies fought back and even took the lead at one point. As the clock ticked down in the third quarter, the Lakers took a slim three-point lead, setting the stage for a thrilling game.


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